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Dark Chocolate Brandy

Dark Chocolate Brandy

Straight from the barrel to you: a velvety smooth brandy infused with dark chocolate.

Herb Kohler, Executive Chairman, Kohler Co. believed the world deserved something better than a run-of-the-mill turtle. Chefs of The American Club® produced over 100 batches, and from this he discovered a Terrapin that met demanding requirements. In 2007 KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates was born. In 2015, Mr. Kohler combined his love for Brandy with the definitive experience of KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates and created Kohler Dark Chocolate Brandy.

Tasting Notes




Heavy chocolate
Subtle hints of nuttiness

Distinctly chocolate
Subtle nuttiness
Velvety cream finish
Palate of chocolate-covered raisins
Full mouthfeel
Nice clean finish





How to Enjoy

KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates Dark Chocolate Brandy is best served neat, over ice or mixed into unique cocktail creations. 


Featured Cocktail - Kohler Dark Chocolate Brandy Old Fashioned

Enjoy a sweet twist on one of Wisconsin’s most-popular cocktails, an instant classic 
that evokes the flavor of handmade KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates. Recipe crafted
by The Immigrant Restaurant of Destination Kohler in Kohler, WI. 

Muddle two Luxardo cherries, four dashes Angostura bitters, splash of water.
Add ice
½ oz Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur
2 oz KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates Dark Chocolate Brandy
Top with 1 oz club soda
Garnish with cherry and orange

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Kohler Dark Chocolate Brandy Old Fashioned

Where To Buy

KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates Dark Chocolate Brandy is available to enjoy and purchase throughout Wisconsin. 

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